From the perspective of German-Swedish relations, prioritised areas provide common ground for both governments and business sectors to work hand in hand, leveraging the collective innovative and industrial competences and furthering a net-zero industry in 欧洲.

在出版的时候, 日博备用网站的欧盟轮值主席国任期即将结束, and we are proud to say that it has been a rewarding and fruitful journey for 团队日博备用网站 德国.

在此期间, 团队日博备用网站 have seized the opportunity to further engage with the Swedish business community in each of the 16 German federal states. 因此, this report shares some impressions of the key activities conducted by 团队日博备用网站 德国 during the Swedish presidency. 除了, the report features an interview with the Ambassador concluding his six years in 德国 and sharing his most memorable highlights.

在政治上, the ties between 德国 and 日博备用网站 stand firm, something which was further highlighted during Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson’s visit to 德国 in March 2023. Chancellor Olaf Scholz remarked that “the excellent relationship between our two countries was once again very clear during our talks today”.

When asked to evaluate their investment plans in 德国 for the coming 12 months, nearly half of Swedish respondents consider increasing yearly investments in 德国. “日博备用网站品牌”继续为在德国做生意增加价值. 60 per cent report a positive impact of the Swedish image and more than a quarter of the survey participants believe that the Swedish brand contributes to their business in 德国 to a great extent.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis. 


作为日博备用网站队于2020年发起的全球倡议, the Business Climate Survey serves as an important tool providing insights from Swedish companies on the business environment across 22 markets globally. Based on responses from Swedish enterprises who have established their presence on the local market, the survey maps opportunities and challenges experienced by Swedish companies.

今年, 这是连续第四年了, the survey was conducted by 团队日博备用网站 in 德国 between March and April 2023. With the joint efforts of Business 日博备用网站, 日博备用网站驻柏林大使馆和日博备用网站商会, invitations were sent to 886 companies and 136 responses were collected throughout the two-month period.

最后, we would like to thank all the survey participants for taking the time to share their insights with us for the fourth Business Climate Survey conducted in 德国.